Your goal is likely to improve your tax position and minimize your tax liability to the maximum extent allowed. Our goal is to assist you in accomplishing this.


No Surprises Deadlines are important in the world of tax compliance. The consequence of missing deadlines are often penalties and interest charges under the Income Tax Act and Excise Tax Act. In a world of ever-expanding compliance requirements for private entities, our team of professionals works to ensure that deadlines are met and filings are complete to avoid unwelcome surprises.

Up-To-Date Advice

Tax legislation is constantly changing. You need your tax advisors to be abreast of the most current legislation. Our experienced team keeps on top of the ever-changing Canadian tax environment.


A tax plan is only as good as its implementation. Our professionals don't stop with the tax plan, we assist with the administrative and compliance aspect of any planning we complete.

Tax Planning

We understand that private companies are inextricably linked with their owners. Tax planning is key, not just for minimization of corporate tax, but also for long-term personal wealth creation. We take a holistic view of planning by integrating personal remuneration planning, estate planning and the ever changing personal and corporate tax rate environment.

Corporate Re-Organizations

The confines of the Income Tax Act can often frustrate what should be a simple transaction. Any type of corporate re-organization has financial and tax repercussions that you'll often need help navigating. No matter your reasons for the re-organization, a separation, merger, joint-venture, sale, carve-out, asset divestiture or any other corporate re-organization we can provide the advice needed to accomplish your objective. Many re-organization strategies can also make your company more tax-efficient, protect corporate assets and we can walk through every implication regarding your proposed or completed corporate re-organization.

Estate Planning

You've worked hard to build your wealth and estate planning is a necessary process that ensures you have the tools and guidance you need to help preserve wealth for the next generation and ease the administration of an estate. With our assistance, you'll develop a concrete plan that protects your interests as well as those of your loved ones. During this process, we will ensure that every decision is tax-efficient and every estate-planning strategy works in your best interest.

Family Trusts

A family trust is a legal entity that holds and preserves assets for its beneficiaries. The trustees of the family trust manage the assets and determine the allocation to the beneficiaries. The flexibility that inter-vivos family trusts allow for often make these a dynamic vehicle for tax and estate planning. We are more than happy to discuss whether or not a family trust is right for you.

Matrimonial Issues

When you get married or qualify for common-law status, your tax profile changes, and the reverse is also true. If you own a business, the tax implications can be even greater. Since understanding how taxes apply to you or your company is tricky enough, it can be downright overwhelming when factoring matrimonial issues into the equation. No matter what your situation is, we'll walk through your tax implications and develop a strategy that benefits you in the best way possible.

International Tax Planning

International business operations are much more complex than national organizations. From cross-border transactions to risk management and reporting, our international tax planning services offer the comprehensive assistance you need to run your international businesses smoothly and tax-efficiently. When running multi-national companies, you're subject to a laundry-list of tax reporting obligations and incredibly precise reporting for all of your international activities.

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